Arctic Open 2012 - The results

Arctic Open 2012 - The results Last week the Arctic Open tournament was held for the 26th time.

Arctic Open 2012 - The results

Last week the Arctic Open tournament was held for the 26th time.

On Thursday at 1 p.m. the opening ceremony took place. Contestants were invited to a light lunch and after that a driving competition took place from the 8th tee. Elfar Halldórsson, a member of GA, had the longest drive and won the competition despite having an ankle injury.

The tournament started at 4 p.m. on Thursday, shot-gun style like last year, were players played from all tees at the same time. Fireworks were shot up to signal when players could begin. The second group of players started play at 9:30 p.m. On Friday the groups then switched tee-times so that players that started at 4 p.m. on Thursday started at 9:30 p.m. on Friday and vice versa.

Weather conditions this year were good although the midnite sun didn´t show itself as much as players would have liked. Lack of sun didn´t affect players too much as they received good gifts before tee-off. A survival kit from K.Karlsson and great outerwear from Sun Mountain.

The results :

Stroke play

Best score  55+                Skúli Ágústsson                           161 högg

Best score                        Guðlaug M. Óskarsdóttir             179 högg


1. without handicap          Heiðar D. Bragason                     142 högg

2. without handicap          Ólafur A. Gylfason                       146 högg

3. without handicap          Fylkir Þ. Guðmundsson              149 högg

Stableford points

1. with handicap              Karl Jónsson                                 75 punktar

2. with handicap             Hjörtur Sigurðsson                         75 punktar

3. with handicap             Heimir Ö. Árnason                          75 punktar